It’s a world of heavy TAP beats, percussion, VOICES and NOISE, craziness and VISUAL MUSIC mania. It’s PERSONAL. It’s UNIQUE.

Everything and anything becomes a musical instrument; hockey sticks, walking chairs and portable toilets. It’s FIERCE and INTENSE.

The JEERK show is the new breed of entertainment; it’s Versatile, Unexpected, Innovative and Clever!


“These five young men can do anything that can be done on a stage, and they do it magnificently.”

”This incredible show with JEERK gets top grades. Late Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly must be happy in their heaven when they look down at something like this.”


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The JEERK Show 2012

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Dec 03, 2014

JEERK is still working in the recor...

Jun 23, 2014

It´s finally here!!! 


Apr 10, 2014

JEERK is still as active as ever! W...

Dec 06, 2013

Since so many of you guys have aske...